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At Sid's Pond, we value your time and your business. Even at our busiest times, we serve our clients with impressive efficiency. We have a guarantee of no more than a ten-minute wait at our site. In and out fast. And of course, if you find you’re needing a little extra help, we’re always happy to take the time to listen and then offer our expertise. We make it easy to get the right supplies for your landscape. So if you’re not getting your materials at Sids, we gotta ask, what are you waiting for?

Sid'sPonds introduces Vitalfx.com - Green Living Wall

Sid'sPonds introduces Trimetals.ca - Your Secured Outdoor Storage

Trimetals sells it's products world wide, supplying Europe, Australia , Japan, South America and the USA. We at Sid's Ponds and Gardenscapes Inc are excited to partner with award winning Trimetals as their Canadian distributor of these fine products.

For additional security, when the ramp is in its upright position it locates behind the front door so cannot be accessed without opening the unit first. In addition, the ramp can be padlocked to the door through the integrated stainless steel hasps. The ramp option can be used with any colour of bicycle store or the high security Protect-acycle version.
They are perfect for general garden use and ideal for storing swimming pool equipment.
The Guardian features smooth sliding lockable doors and comes complete with a heavy duty metal floor. Two shelves are supplied as standard and an additional four shelves can be added as optional extras if required.


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Our Koi fish for Sale are just stunning - They are raised in acprofessional Koi breeders. All koi fish are from the finest Canadian broodstock. Can't decide which style you want? Get a Mixed Case of Koi, which has half Butterfly koi fin and half Regular fin koi... The best of both worlds! Come get yours today!

  • Regular Fin Koi

    An economical way to stock your pond with very nice fish at a great price and a great variety of color.
  • Premium Regular Fin Koi

    Selected for the best patterns, brightest colors and excellent overall body conformation. A superior fish worthy of exhibiton.
  • Butterfly Koi

    The hallmark of beauty for many koi enthusiasts, butterfly koi are best known for their long flowing fins and tails.
  • Premium Butterfly Koi

    Our best butterfly koi! Selected for the best patterns, fin length, brightest colors and excellent overall body conformation.


"Very knowledgeable staff with pond equipment, supplies, foods and of course the fish! Got another 2 large male koi today, great fish, great prices. Very happy with all we've bought here over the years. Started with a simple liner way back. Got the right filter system and pump, ice-hole heater for over-wintering the Koi and we're very happy with the pond and fish. Thanks to the people at Sid's. Any of the kids in the family that have come over, they are simply mesmerized by the size and beauty of the fish"


"We're so pleased with their pond products over the years. We have been buying our water hyacinths for years. We used to go to other big Garden centres and the plants would never grow, multiply and flower as they do from Sid's."


"Amazing experience with Sids, nothing like before. Very nice staff, fabulous place!!"

John Aj

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