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Premium Outdoor Lighting


Sid’s Ponds offers a variety of outdoor lighting for your interlock hardscaping and composite deck builds. Options include pathway lighting, recessed or accent lighting, Sid’s Ponds has all design tastes in mind to bring your vision to life!

We supply premium lighting brands that are easy to install and will transform the curb appeal of your property!


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Outdoor Lighting

Illuminate your outdoor spaces with our premium outdoor lighting solutions. Our range includes high-quality fixtures from top brands like in-lite and Kichler, designed to enhance the beauty and functionality of your landscape.

Landscape Lighting

Transform your garden and pathways with our landscape lighting options. Featuring stylish and durable fixtures from in-lite and Kichler, our lights highlight the natural beauty of your outdoor areas while providing added safety and security.

Pathway Lights

Guide your way with our elegant pathway lights. Our selection includes various designs from in-lite and Kichler, perfect for creating well-lit walkways that enhance both aesthetics and safety.

Deck and Patio Lighting

Enhance your outdoor living spaces with our deck and patio lighting solutions. Choose from a variety of stylish fixtures by in-lite and Kichler to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for entertaining and relaxation.

Wall and Step Lights

Add a touch of sophistication to your exterior walls and steps with our wall and step lights. Our range from in-lite and Kichler ensures you find the perfect lighting to accentuate architectural features and improve visibility.

Spotlights and Floodlights

Illuminate key areas of your landscape with our powerful spotlights and floodlights. Designed by in-lite and Kichler, these lights provide focused and broad illumination, ideal for highlighting trees, sculptures, and large outdoor spaces.

Smart Lighting Solutions

Experience the convenience of smart lighting with our advanced outdoor lighting systems. Featuring innovative products from in-lite and Kichler, our smart solutions allow you to control your lights remotely and customize settings for optimal ambiance and energy efficiency.

Energy-Efficient LED Lighting

Save on energy costs with our energy-efficient LED lighting options. Our LED fixtures from in-lite and Kichler offer long-lasting performance and bright, clear illumination while being environmentally friendly.

Easy Installation

Our outdoor lighting solutions are designed for easy installation, ensuring you achieve professional results with minimal effort. Detailed instructions and support are available to guide you through the process.

Durability and Weather Resistance

Our outdoor lighting fixtures are built to withstand the elements, offering long-term durability and weather resistance. Trust in the quality of in-lite and Kichler to provide reliable performance in any climate.

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*Coupon Valid Until July15th, 2024 and can be redeemed in-store or online.
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