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  • product image for water hyacinth

    Water Hyacinth & Lettuce

    CAD $4.50CAD $45.00
  • product image for Ammonia Neutralizer

    Ammonia Neutralizer

    CAD $26.98
  • product image for Pond Debris Clarifier

    Pond & Debris Clarifier

    CAD $12.98CAD $17.98
  • product image for Barley Straw Extract

    Barley Straw Extract

    CAD $14.98CAD $21.98
  • Hikari Staple

    Hikari Staple

    CAD $69.99
  • Large Tropical Marginals

    Tropical Marginals

    CAD $12.95CAD $14.95
  • LED Color changing fountain light

    Aquascape Led Colour Changing Fountain Light

    CAD $179.98
  • Aquascape Transformer Main image

    Aquascape Transformer

    CAD $103.98
  • Aquascape Led Accent Light main image

    Aquascape Led Fountain Accent Light

    CAD $103.98
  • Aquascape LED spotlight 3 kit main image

    Aquascape LED Garden & Pond Spotlight Kit

    CAD $219.99
  • LED garden spotlight main image

    Aquascape LED Garden & Pond Spotlight

    CAD $199.98
  • product image for lillies


    CAD $45.99
  • product image for koi fish

    Koi Fish

    CAD $39.99CAD $44.99
  • product image for goldfish

    Gold Fish 3”- 4”

    CAD $9.99
  • product image for pond skimmer net heavy duty

    Pond Skimmer Net w/ Extendable Handle (Heavy Duty)

    CAD $47.99
  • product image for pro fishnet round

    Pro Fishnet Round w/ Black Soft Netting w/ Extendable Handle

    CAD $54.99
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