Comets 4-6″ Fish

Unlike tropical fish, Comet Goldfish will live in a wide range of water temperatures. Most goldfish are peaceful and schooling fish that mix well with other goldfish. They come in a variety of striking colors with fascinating features like bubble eyes. They are best suited for a larger aquarium with lots of filtration (e.g., outside power filter).



Features: Peaceful schooling fish
Includes: 1 Fish
Experience Level: Beginner
Swimming Level: Middle
Color: Variety of colors
Size: Maximum Size 4-6 in

Feeding Instructions:
Diet: Flake, Pellets

Housing: 29+ gallon tank, Water temperature 65-75 degrees F

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Common Name
Comet Goldfish

Scientific Name
Carassius auratus species


Feeding Habits
Goldfish are omnivores that will accept a wide variety of vegetable-based flake and freeze-dried foods. Supplement their diets with plenty of parboiled fresh vegetables, such as peas, zucchini, romaine lettuce, and carrots.

Because goldfish are voracious, messy eaters, they should be housed in large aquariums (29 gallons or more for two adult comet goldfish) with lots of filtration (i.e., outside power filter).

Additional Comments
Comet goldfish are a long finned variety descended from the common goldfish. There have been hundreds of different color, body shape and eye variations developed by goldfish breeders over hundreds of years of cultivation.